4 reasons why you should use targeted advertising

June 23, 2015

Use targeted advertising to develop a relationship with your customers. 

The days of spamming your customers with irrelevant ads are over. Additionally, advertising today is all about developing a relationship with consumers, not just saying the same thing over and over again a hundred different ways. If you manage a business, using targeted ads to speak to consumers could be very beneficial for you. Not only will you be able to sell more, but you will also be able to originate better business strategies going forward. Here are 4 reasons why you should use targeted advertising:

“When creating targeted advertising, technology plays an important role.”

1. Monetize customer information
Whether you manage a website or a physical showroom, you should always be collecting customer information. You want to know who your clients are, what they like to buy, what they’re interested in – as well as any other pertinent data you can get. We live in the age of data analytics, and many companies are able to leverage their customer information to effectively target their audiences and sell more. Technology companies like Google and Facebook mine their sites for consumer data because it is like gold. The first step in operating a successful business is knowing what the customer wants. Having the customer tell you what they want is much better than guessing.

2. Foster customer loyalty
When companies used to spam their customers with endless emails and letters, those individuals became frustrated. This is why email providers like Google and Microsoft have spam filters set up in the inbox. However, if you send your customers ads that they want to see, they will not become frustrated. It will actually improve your relationship. If, for example, one of your customers is a musician who is always interested in discounts on recording equipment. Telling that person when microphones and amplifiers are going on sale will help you establish trust with him or her. Also, by sending relevant messages to people, you are not just advertising products, you are also telling them that you know and care about the things they care for.

3. Create brand ambassadors
Business2Community explained that an important aspect of targeted advertising is to address “influencers.” These are people who will talk about your brand or category and spread your news via word-of-mouth. Influences might be popular individuals in their communities who can influence a lot of other consumers. When you tailor ads to this demographic, it is important to consider what kind of media they like. If they frequent message boards, then find them on there. If they tend to influence people through YouTube videos or TV programs, then you can make the suitable content for that category. This type of advertising tends to be very focused, but yields great results because you essentially recruit these people to work for you.

Speak to your customers about things they are interested in. Make customer information work for you.

4. Use cutting edge technology
When creating targeted advertising, technology plays an important role. Firstly, you need to have the right platforms and resources in place to collect the customer information. This can come in the form of surveys, website traffic analytics, information collected in your store, or any other way you can get to know your customers. Better sales platforms usually lend themselves to better data collection. Another thing to keep in mind is that point of sale devices can be programmed to ask customers about their satisfaction with your products or services. Whether online or in-store, it is essential that you find out how you can improve, based on client feedback. New technologies are also currently being developed that will make targeted advertising even more effective in the future. For example, beacons are small devices that can transmit messages to customer smartphones in your store. Business Insider reported that Facebook is now providing beacons to retailers at no cost, because they work as part of Facebook’s Place Tips feature that was rolled out in January. 

It is important to remember that you should treat your customers like stakeholders in your business. Value their opinion, speak to them in compelling ways, and listen to their feedback. Keeping these things in mind, you will be prepared to gather a following for your business that will not easily wane.

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