Five Must Have POS Software Features for Frozen Yogurt Shops

May 16, 2018

Frozen yogurt shop POS systems must be ready to take orders for a wide variety of different flavor and topping options with the ability to process transactions quickly

When a popular frozen product meets hordes of hungry buyers, long lines can result. If customers are not checked out quickly, melting can occur, and no one wants that.

Frozen yogurt shop POS systems must be ready to take orders for a wide variety of different flavor and topping options with the ability to process transactions quickly. Inventory control, employee training and management, and loyalty programs can result from a well-chosen frozen yogurt POS.

There are five critical features to consider when selecting the best POS system for your store:

1. Fast Order Entry and Customer Checkout
Fast checkout is critical for cold products like frozen yogurt. Long lines can contribute to melting products, and a self-serve environment where the product is priced by weight can tempt customers to dip in before reaching the frozen yogurt POS, reducing the weight of the product before it is purchased.

When placing an order, a quick but thorough ordering process is needed that accounts for the wide array of flavors and toppings. Even earlier in the process is a quick set up of the new POS system and a fast learning curve for employees. The POS system should be ready to go as soon as it is set up.

2. Certified Scale that Integrates with the POS 
Scales accurately measure client purchases to ensure your food costs are at profitable levels. Food products that are sold by weight are required to have POS software certified by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). Stores with new frozen yogurt POS systems then need to obtain permits from their local departments of weights and measures. If your store sells frozen yogurt by weight, the ability to be NTEP certified is a must-have for a new POS system.

3. Labor Management Accuracy
Though food supplies are often one of the most costly parts of running a frozen yogurt business, labor is also a high cost center. Therefore, it is important to track periods of slow and peak sales to ensure your business is appropriately staffed to handle rushes and periods of slow traffic. You can even set up alerts on your frozen yogurt POS system, letting you know if employees are getting close to unneeded overtime hours. Utilizing this tool effectively will help your business monitor and optimize labor costs to maximize profitability. The newfound accuracy you can receive through proper labor management can become a large benefit to your business.

4. Sales and Inventory Tracking 
At the company level, there aren’t many benefits more important than the frozen yogurt POS system’s ability to track sales and inventory in real time.

A great way to use this feature is to determine the frozen yogurt flavors that are most often purchased, helping you to ensure they are always in stock and that your customers get the flavors they most likely came for. It is also important to know how individual locations are performing and when to replenish ingredients before they run out. The POS systems calculate waste loss to help shops manage shrinkage and save on costs. Tracking inventory can help sales and profits while also building return business as customers see that their preferred flavors and toppings are always available.

5. Gift card and Loyalty Programs 
Loyalty programs reward customers for being loyal to your brand while offering them free or discounted items based on their purchase history. Loyalty programs help bring customers back while gift cards help bring in new business when these cards are given as gifts, giving people who may have never visited your frozen yogurt location a reason to visit. The frozen yogurt POS system is the hub where all this activity is dispensed, redeemed, and tracked.

The need for physical loyalty cards, whether they are plastic or punch cards, is no longer necessary thanks to advanced POS systems. The POS can track purchases, instantly confer rewards, or offer rewards through e-mail, text message, or receipt-based coupons that are good for the next visit.

Finding the right frozen yogurt POS system for your business is a process. Take the time to find a solution that meets the unique needs of your frozen yogurt business.

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