Accept mobile payments at your store this summer

June 22, 2015

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your POS terminals. 

The warmest months of the year are here, which represents an opportune time for retail businesses to develop a relationship with consumers. Offering discounts, deals and promotions during the summer can earn you some loyalty points with your customers. Additionally, since many people enjoy exercising when the weather is nice, allowing customers to pay with their mobile device could be positive for your business. Mobile payment solutions are especially attractive for people who like to spend a lot of time outside, as they don’t need to carry around their entire wallets.

Here are four reasons why enabling NFC payments could help you sell more this June, July and August:

1. You will have more store traffic
Potential customers are more likely to walk by your store this summer because there won’t be snow piled up on the sidewalks and freezing weather keeping them from leaving their homes. People move around more in the summer. However, they don’t always come prepared. If you enable NFC payments at your store, you may be appeal to curious shoppers walking by or avid joggers that need to purchase something on the go. Either way, not accepting mobile payments like Apple Pay will only limit your chances of turning a passersby into your valued customer. 

“People are very attached to their mobile devices.”

2. Exercise enthusiasts may stop in for a short break
Some people like walking and jogging outside for extended periods of time. It is not uncommon for healthy individuals to go for long runs, stop for a while, and then continue running. These joggers may not always bring enough cash with them to buy a Gatorade or Power Bar, but most likely have music with them. Most joggers nowadays have their music players strapped to their arm. Many of those music players will be iPhones 6s and Apple Watches. By enabling mobile payments, these joggers will be able to stop at your store, have a quick drink and snack, and continue on their way. Encourage a healthy lifestyle at your store this summer by accepting mobile payments.

3. Some people may forget their wallets at home
Hot weather makes some people lethargic and forgetful. Perhaps you will have more customer visits at your store wherein they come ready to buy, but many realize they forgot their wallets at home. Having NFC-compatible point of sale devices at the checkout counter will alleviate this pain point for these forgetful shoppers. Looking around, it is evident that people are very attached to their mobile devices these days. Even though consumers misplace their wallet and keys on a regular basis, their phones are always close by. Capitalize on this cultural phenomenon by allowing mobile device users to pay electronically at your store.

Upgrade POS systems this summer. Let joggers pay with mobile devices at your store.

4. Mobile payments are just plain cool
When debit and credit cards came out, they seemed a lot cooler than cash. New technology tends to be appealing – especially to young, tech-savvy consumers. You should let people who want to show off their progressive attitude come to your store and make purchases. By accepting payment from digital wallets, your business may become the place to be this summer. Perhaps young couples on their first date will walk into your store looking to impress each other with their iPhone skills. Not having NFC-compatible point of sale devices in your business could mean the end of their romance!

By October, most retailers will upgrade their point of sale systems, thanks to new payment regulations coming into effect. Why wait until then? Make sure your store reflects the modern age this summer and reap the benefits. 

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