Brands continue to find growth and success via e-commerce

April 15, 2014

Mobile credit card processing techniques are being used more and more often by both organizations and consumers.

Mobile credit card processing techniques are being used more and more often by both organizations and consumers. Some recent studies have aimed to ascertain why – and have found that consumers are visiting retail websites from mobile devices more often, as well as demanding further mobile debit card and credit card processing options. 

For example, a recent study by Branding Brand – reported on by Internet Retailer – found that traffic to e-commerce websites from mobile devices is spiking upward, while traffic from desktop PC users simultaneously drops. In the past 12 months, mobile traffic to retail websites has increased by 43 percent, while traffic from desktops dropped by 21 percent

“Not only are customers shopping more on their phones, they’re also spending,” says Chris Mason, co-founder and CEO of Branding Brand. “Our data shows large numbers of consumers rapidly embracing mobile as a fundamental tool to conveniently connect with retailers.”

Branding Brand also found that the amount of consumers actually purchasing products from mobile credit card payment processing pages is increasing. During the same timeframe, sales to smartphone users from polled retail websites increased by almost 170 percent, according to Internet Retailer.

Mobile payment processing is also in-demand in the air
Another recent report fully detailed the demand that shoppers – particularly young shoppers – are displaying for mobile payment processing equipment. The NCR Corporation recently conducted a study, which found that 68 percent of millennials – defined here as those between the ages of 18 and 24 – would prefer to fly with an airline that allowed them to purchase seat upgrades, checked baggage fees and other expenses using either their mobile phones of a self-service kiosk.

“The data bears out what you would expect, younger travelers who have embraced mobile shopping and self-service in other facets of their lives are looking for that digital shopping gratification when they are en route to their destination,” said Tyler Craig, vice president and general manager at NCR Travel. “Airports and airlines alike have a unique opportunity to cater to this growing demographic by allowing them to make purchases for ancillary items via their mobile devices and other opportunities through self-service kiosks.”

The NCR reported further findings that display why mobile credit card processing is so integral to a business’ success with younger consumers: as many as 77 percent of millennial travelers, for example, said they also wish they could pay for parking, meals, souvenirs and other products using their mobile devices, according to the report.

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