Buy your next burger with a mobile phone

February 4, 2014

It's not just retail outlets turning to mobile engagement strategies in an attempt to boost sales.

It’s not just retail outlets turning to mobile engagement strategies in an attempt to boost sales. You may even be able to pay for your next fast food order with your smartphone.

Mobile Commerce Daily recently reported that White Castle had expanded its “mobile ordering initiatives,” allowing consumers to use their smartphones to peruse through the menu, be informed of specials, select a pick-up time for their order and even access mobile credit card payment processing pages to complete their order.

“The future of convenience and mobility centers around the flexibility of our smartphone and tablet devices, so we will continue to integrate them for our guests, especially if they enjoy the option of online ordering,” Kim Bartley, vice president of marketing and site development at White Castle, told the news outlet.  

Bartley then went on to tell Mobile Commerce Daily that White Castle may soon implement a loyalty rewards program into its mobile application, if it experiences enough success in its current iteration. 

White Castle isn’t the only quick-service chain restaurant that sees the potential offered by mobile ordering. Businessweek recently reported that Chipolte plans to invest $10 million into its technology network, with one of the top priorities being to devise a system that adds mobile payment processing equipment to its order-placing application. 

“We are experimenting with mobile payments, and we have kind of a rough version right now that our employees are able to use,” John Hartung, chief financial officer of Chipolte, said during a recent earnings call, according to Businessweek. 

Chris Arnold, spokesman for Chipolte, noted that customers gain in convenience from mobile ordering technology – and that leads directly to boosted revenue. 

“The primary benefits are customer convenience and allowing people to engage with us in another way,” Arnold told Businessweek. “We’ll also be able to push offers or other messages to app users, which could certainly be a useful retention tool.”

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