Consumers are displaying historic levels of brand loyalty

February 26, 2014

Online credit card processing services have changed many standards for retailers.

Online credit card processing services have changed many standards for retailers. However, a recent report suggests that they may be changing a number of practices for consumers, as well, as shoppers are displaying more brand loyalty than they had in past years.

Internet Retailer recently reported the results of a PwC study which found that 15 percent of consumers only shopped at one retail outlet – regardless of shopping channel – during the past twelve months. That’s up by almost double from 2012, when only 8 percent of consumers reported only shopping with one retail brand throughout the course of the year. 

It’s possible that online shopping – which allows consumers to access e-commerce websites offering wide-ranging stocks of products for low prices – are influencing consumers to limit their spending to only one retail brand. This illustrates the absolute necessity of online credit card processing for small businesses, as many consumers may never shop with or feel loyalty toward a retailer if they fail to list and sell their products online. 

One of the reasons that consumers are limiting their spending to certain retail outlets may be the success of omnichannel marketing. Often times, retail marketing strategies now aim to market to consumers across as many modes of communication as possible – through televisions, radios, smartphones, email inboxes and more. Such a pervasive marketing strategy may succeed in fostering fiercely loyal customers who will only shop with one retailer. 

For example, Mobile Commerce Daily reported that Staples is currently experimenting with sending text messages to its consumers, in an attempt to draw them to payment processing registers. The company is now sending messages containing content, special offers and more directly to consumer’s mobile devices

“The folks delivering that content have to be very, very careful about what we deliver because, in the eyes of the customer it has to be super amazing so they are expecting it next time to be important again,” Masud explained to Mobile Commerce Daily. “And if you don’t do that, you risk the fact that customers may not be interested in it down the road. I am a believer, if you can give the customer what they are looking for and notify them and keep that very successful, it is a great program.”

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