December 8, 2014

Girl scouts have embraced e-commerce and are selling their cookies online. What is your excuse?

Girl scouts have embraced e-commerce and are selling their cookies online. What is your excuse not to buy now?

E-commerce cookies!
Girls Scouts’ website now features a Digital Cookie section that allows hungry cookie eaters to place orders online and have them shipped by the girls. According to Today, each girl scout will have her own cookie website and can invite customers to purchase baked goods. It is noteworthy to mention that the girl’s pages do not have personal information for safety purposes. Digital Cookie will include a mobile app that gives customers the added benefit of being able to order cookies from any location using a credit card.

Digital Cookie director Sarah Angel-Johnson told The New York Times that girl scouts are expanding their cookie selling activities by going online.

“Girls across the country now can use modern tools to expand the size and scope of their cookie business, and learn vital entrepreneurial lessons in online marketing, application use and e-commerce,” Angel-Johnson said.

The initiative by Girl Scouts is good for sales and also good for customers. By selling cookies online, the girls will learn about e-commerce and business. Also, customers who are not always home when the girls come knocking will now be able to make sure that they get their Thin Mints no matter what.
Digital Cookie will launch nationwide beginning 2015
Girl Scouts are selling their cookies online at the start of the new year and Marry Anne Jacobs, CEO of Girl Scouts of Gateway Council, commented that the Digital Cookie program will give the girls the ability to sell overseas as well.

“January one we are ready to sell cookies. This year, we are announcing the digital cookie program and girls will be able to sell cookies online. They’ll develop their own website and they’ll be able to sell cookies internationally,” said Jacobs, according to First Coast News.

The year 2015 will also see two new cookie products added to the existing menu – Toffee-tastic and Rah-Rah Raisin cookies. The example of Girl Scouts demonstrates that everyone is embracing e-commerce, even businesses that relied on door-to-door sales. Selling products online and using websites as points-of-sale can do wonders for any business – even selling cookies. Any company that wants to access a broader customer base should look to these innovative cookie merchants and learn from their example. 

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