E-ecommerce website search results give insight into what consumer want

November 14, 2014

Looking at frequently searched topics online can provide insight into what consumers are most interested in.

Looking at frequently searched topics online can provide insight into what consumers are most interested in and this year, electronics are generating heavy interest. 

Search results provide insight
Online retailers have been looking at the most searched products on e-commerce websites to better understand what shoppers are looking for this holiday season. According to eMarketer, holiday e-commerce is expected to grow by 16.1 percent this year to reach $72.41 billion in sales, reported Search Engine Watch. E-commerce website traffic comes from either searches or referrals. The news source advised that retailers looking to capitalize on increased web traffic during the holiday season should concentrate on both forms of traffic to increase site visits and conversions.

Focusing on top searches on retailer’s websites will give merchants a better idea of what customers want, rather than laboriously analyzing keyword traffic. Search Engine Watch looked at top searches on four major retailer websites to figure out which products will sell the most.

Electronics are a top-priority for shoppers
Xbox One was reported to be the most desirable item for consumers. The iPhone 6 and other Apple devices were also reported to show high levels of interest. The news source made note that while Wal-Mart features many products in its catalog, all of the top-10 searches related to consumer electronics. It was also emphasized that consumers searched for products using different criteria based on what site they were using. Best Buy and Wal-Mart shoppers used very specific search criteria such as “iPhone 6,” whereas shoppers on Costco’s website entered ‘cell phone”. Search Engine Watch reported that a look at Toys “R” Us customer search criteria uncovered that the younger generations are interested in The Lego Movie and corresponding toys and products.

Sales of electronics following the introduction of Apple iPhone 6 in stores rose by 3.4 in September – the most significant monthly increase since April 2013, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

Site referrals make a significant contribution 
Site referrals were the third-highest source of traffic for e-commerce websites. Deals and discounts inspired much of the traffic coming from referrals. SimilarWeb data revealed that for 3 out of 10 top retailer websites in the U.S., deals and coupons accounted for 14 percent of visits not coming from specific product searches, according to Search Engine Watch.

Interestingly, only three sites were responsible for 8.25 percent of all referral traffic to the retail industry – 104 million visits in October 2014, according to the news source. The same principle applied to children’s websites as well. Traffic referrals on children’s sites saw a 13 percent contribution from coupons and discounts, showing that good deals strongly influenced shopping behavior.

Search Engine Watch advises that online retailers take note of the two main ways that customers visit their websites. Correspondingly, retailers should work on developing better landing pages and promotions so that they can capitalize on the surge of of e-commerce retail activity expected to take place this holiday season.

The National Federation of Retailers forecasts that holiday sales will grow by 4.1 percent this year, a substantial improvement over last year’s actual 3.1 percent, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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