Evolving ecommerce to personalize customer experience

February 22, 2012

Trends for retail sales growth all point toward the personalization of ecommerce

Trends for retail sales growth all point toward the personalization of ecommerce. Online credit card processing services and other digital programs enable merchants to capture data on customers’ shopping history and taste preferences, which they can then use to make customized recommendations.

This service could benefit retailers more than they expect. In a study by Forrester Research, 62 percent of consumers surveyed reported that personalizing retail sites improved their online shopping experience, according to internet Retailer.

Designing web-based offerings to engage consumers in a way that mimics in-store shopping can optimize the online experience. From the homepage to the shopping cart, personalizing ecommerce sites can help retailers use customers’ interests to make suggestions that may encourage purchases.

Retailers can use personalized recommendations to interact with a customer in real time by suggesting items that complement a product a customer has added to his or her shopping cart after browsing through merchandise on the site, according to Practical eCommerce. When merchants engage in personalization strategies that enhance the shopping experience on their sites, they build relationships with customers that can lead to loyalty and recurring sales, the source reports. 

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