Finding the Right Fit for Your Merchants’ Hotel and Lodging POS System

July 22, 2019

With a POS system specifically designed for hospitality services, your merchants can ensure that payment is always handled properly and quickly

Operating a hotel or other form of lodging involves numerous challenges, not the least of which is the satisfaction of guests. Your merchants must also make sure that bookings are handled in an accurate manner. Along with handling payment processing for actual bookings, merchants must also have a system in place that will allow them to process payments and provide superior customer service whether their guests are using the restaurant, bar, spa, or other service.

With a POS system specifically designed for hospitality services, your merchants can ensure that payment is always handled properly and quickly, while taking advantage of the ability to complete transactions anywhere in their hotel.

Integration with Property Management System

With the ability to link your merchants’ hotel and lodging POS system with their property management system, they gain enhanced productivity and the ability to provide guests with superior service. For instance, all it takes is a click to perform a room inquiry. This makes it much easier for guests to pay for everything from meals to rentals to activities and charge it to their room.

Flexible Pricing

Take advantage of the opportunity to create different pricing for multiple services at your merchants’ property, such as restaurants, activities, shops, and rentals. They can even create resort packages that can be used for enhanced marketing. With their hotel and lodging POS system, they retain complete flexibility.

Mobile Usage

Merchants can make sales anywhere on property by integrating mobile terminals into their POS system. With a touchscreen interface, their staff will be easily able to assist guests and complete transactions from any location in the hotel, including the bar, restaurant, gift shop, spa, salon, and even poolside. This not only helps to boost revenue opportunities but also increases customer satisfaction.

Integrating a POS System Hotel

The ways in which a point-of-sale system can be integrated into your merchants’ hotel or lodging are numerous. For example, will it be used to boost customer loyalty by managing vouchers and discounts? Will it be used to more effectively manage conferences and events? Merchants can also take advantage of their POS system to create sales bundles to boost revenue opportunities.

Customer Loyalty

When a guest is pleased with your merchants’ hotel or lodging, not only are they more likely to return again in the future, but they are also more likely to recommend the establishment to others. With a hotel and lodging POS system, merchants can take advantage of an array of opportunities to reach out to guests and offer vouchers, gift cards, promotions, and more. This is a great way to boost guest loyalty and attract new guests.

Conferences, Catering, and Event Management

While many of the guests who come to your merchants’ hotel will be checking in because they are staying in the area or they are traveling to another destination, events and conferences can prove to be an important source of revenue for their hotel or lodging establishment. The POS system they select can help to manage such events more easily. For instance, with tools such as conference bookings, a calendar of events, and event planning and management, your merchants’ can quickly see when they already have events scheduled so that they are able to maximize openings in their calendar. Their POS system can also be used to invoice food and beverage sales for events.

Sales Bundling

Travel packages have become particularly popular with travelers today. Not only do they offer an excellent gift-giving opportunity, but they also make it possible for travelers to enjoy a getaway while saving money. With a hotel and lodging POS system, merchants can tap into this popular service by creating packages and inclusions in order to up-sell their services. For instance, your merchant’s establishment can promote special deals in order to attract more guests to their establishment or even help their guests to personalize their stay at your merchants’ hotel with add-on services.

Flexible Payment Processing

In a hotel or lodging establishment, guests may need to handle payment in a variety of different manners. Your merchants’ hotel or lodging POS system gives them the ability to settle payments through a variety of options. Process credit cards directly through the POS system or even accept cash in multiple currencies, a tremendous benefit if the establishment is frequented by international guests. Their POS system can also be used for billing directly to the company, which can prove to be beneficial when they work with corporate clients.

When setting up your merchants’ point-of-sale system, it’s important to review several factors such as the integration with the property management system, flexible pricing, and mobile usage. Other items for them to consider are creating and maintaining customer loyalty, the ability to manage events, bundle sales, and handle a variety of payments. By doing these and obtaining the appropriate point-of-sale system, your merchants’ business is bound to blossom.

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