Finding the Right Fit for Your Merchants’ Medical POS System

May 20, 2019

In choosing and setting up a medical POS system for your merchants’ facility, it is important to take a variety of factors into consideration.

Operating any type of medical facility can come with its own unique set of challenges. Along with ensuring the highest degree of patient care, your merchants must also be able to ensure that they keep up-to-date records, maintain complete compliance with all regulations, and have a system in place for payment processing and account management.

While all of this can be a challenge, a medical POS system can help their medical facility to accomplish all of that while providing patients with superior service. In choosing a POS system for your merchants’ medical facility, they will need to take a variety of factors into consideration, including the features offered by the system that they choose.

Faster and More Efficient Service

When patients come into your merchants’ medical facility, there is a good chance that they do not actually want to be there. They may not feel well or may need to tend to routine healthcare needs. Whatever the case may be, it is important that medical facility staff are able to provide patients with fast and efficient service. Their medical POS system will allow them to do precisely that by determining whether there are any past balances due and reviewing payment information with patients without the need to retrieve bulky paper files. This also helps to ensure greater accuracy.

Simplified Compliance

The inability to meet compliance for various healthcare regulations, including privacy, can quickly put any medical facility at risk for legal repercussions. With their medical POS system, merchants can ensure that they and their staff are always in compliance and meeting all regulations. As a result, they can provide their customers with improved service and boost the reputation of their medical facility, which can help them bring in even more patients.

Boost Patient Satisfaction

Your merchants’ medical POS system can give them the ability to stay in touch with patients and provide the most up-to-date healthcare information and promotions. By reaching out to current patients, they will also have the opportunity to build stronger relationships and boost client satisfaction with their services.

Setting Up Your Medical POS

In choosing and setting up a medical POS system for your merchants’ facility, it is important to take a variety of factors into consideration. Among the factors to consider is how their facility operates. For example, if they accept walk-in patients, then their needs may be somewhat different from a facility that only takes patients by appointment. Additionally, your merchants will need to consider a variety of other factors, including the size of their facility. By taking these factors into consideration, they will be able to choose a point-of-sale system for their medical facility that will provide them with the robust service they need for increased efficiency.

Number of Terminals

One of the factors to consider in selecting and setting up a medical POS is the number of terminals that your merchants may need. This will largely be based on the size of their practice and the number of personnel in the facility. If they operate a relatively small facility, then they may only need a small number of terminals. Larger facilities may naturally require more terminals to ensure that accurate billing can be completed.

Flexible Payment Processing

Payment processing in medical facilities can be challenging due to the number of variables involved. For instance, some patients may pay cash and then file on their insurance. Other patients may pay a co-pay. Patients may need to pay using their credit card, debit card, check, cash or even with a Health Savings Account. Due to all of the variables involved, it is important to select a POS system that offers flexible payment processing.

Stay in Contact with Patients

Due to the very nature of a healthcare facility, it is imperative that your merchants be able to build a strong rapport and level of trust with their patients. The medical POS system that they choose for their facility can play a strong role in helping them to do that by giving them the ability to contact their patients through email or even by text about appointments, to provide important updates, or even to follow up with patients after an appointment or a procedure.


Along with accepting payments from patients, your merchants’ medical POS system should also provide them with the ability to bill patients and insurance companies in an easy and effective manner. This typically means that the billing feature on their POS should allow for entering proper medical and diagnostic codes. With the right medical POS system, your merchants’ staff can handle billing in a faster, more efficient, and more accurate manner. This can help their medical facility to receive payments from accounts receivable in a faster manner while helping their staff to be more productive.

When setting up your merchants’ point-of-sale system, it’s important to review several factors such as the number of terminals, flexible payment processing, the ability to stay in contact with patients, and to handle billing. These specifications can improve their speed and efficiency, simplify compliance, and boost satisfaction.

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