Finding the Right Fit for your Merchant’s Power Sports POS System

March 2, 2020

With the right power sports POS system, your merchants can reduce inventory costs while increasing cash flow

When your merchant is a power sports retailer, they need a point-of-sale system that is just as powerful as the machines they sell. According to Global Market Insights, “Power sports market size exceeded $30 billion in 2018 and is estimated to grow at over 6% CAGR between 2020 and 2026.” With the right power sports POS system, your merchants can take advantage of the opportunity to reduce inventory costs while increasing cash flow.

Helping Merchants Choose a Power Sports POS System

In implementing a power sports POS system in your merchants’ business, there are many decisions to be made. Along with deciding whether they need a POS system that will support online sales as well as in-store sales, they also must consider whether they need a system that will provide flexible pricing for sales as well as servicing. With the right power sports POS system, your merchants can take advantage of the opportunity to operate their power sports business in a more efficient and productive manner.

Online Sales Support

While many of your merchants’ customers may visit their store in person to purchase power sports vehicles, others may wish to browse online first or even make a purchase online. With the ability to support online sales, a power sports POS system can give them the ability to expand their customer base and boost profits.

Flexible Payment Processing

In operating a successful power sports POS system, it is vital that merchants are able to provide their customers with flexible payment processing. Integrated credit card processing gives them the ability to accept both credit cards and debit cards from their customers. Additionally, they can also use their POS system to create and accept purchase orders. An easier checkout process also ensures that they are able to reduce the time that customers wait at the counter, thus improving their overall experience at their power sports dealership.

Flexible Pricing

Along with selling a variety of power sports vehicles, your merchants’ dealership may also stock a variety of parts and accessories for those vehicles. Additionally, they may also provide servicing for the power sports vehicles they sell. In order to accommodate those products and services, they need a power sports POS system that gives them complete control over pricing, including printing barcodes, using quick pick keys, and taking advantage of the opportunity to quickly update prices based on new supplier and manufacturer information. Your merchants’ POS system can also be used with a barcode scanner to reduce errors.

Employee Management

In addition to making sure your merchants’ inventory is managed effectively, you must also ensure they are able to manage their employees in an efficient manner. With their power sports POS, they can do just that by using their point-of-sale system to have employees clock in and out. Have your merchants link employees to sales so that they can provide their employees with commissions for the sales and determine which of their employees are most productive. Your merchants’ POS system can also be used to analyze sales trends so they are able to make more accurate scheduling decisions and ensure that they always have the staff they need when they need them.

Inventory Management

One way your merchants can save on inventory costs while increasing their cash flow by using their POS system to manage their inventory and ensure t they always have the right items in stock. Each time a sale is made, whether it is a power sports vehicle or a part, their inventory will be automatically updated. When they run low on inventory, their POS system will update them so they will never run low on fast-moving parts and stock. With the ability to ensure that they do not exceed maximum on-hand inventory, your merchants keep inventory costs under control. By streamlining the parts ordering and receiving process, they can also save hours while providing improved customer service.

Sales Tracking and Reporting

The ideal point-of sale system will allow your merchant to discover the best-selling models in their inventory. They will also be able to track sales trends and know which products and parts are yielding the most return. In addition, your merchants can use their POS system to collect customer information including purchase history which can be used for repeat customers as well as future marketing.

Connect with Suppliers and Manufacturers

Your merchants can use their power sports POS system to connect with partner manufacturers and suppliers. They can also use the POS system to upload their own files, automatically update their records with product descriptions, images, pricing, and more. With the ability to connect with manufacturers and suppliers, your merchants’ personnel will be better informed, more efficient, and better prepared to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Whether they sell power sports vehicles in their store, online, or both, their POS system can give them the ability to connect with suppliers, provide improved customer service, and increase sales. As their reseller and trusted advisor, it is imperative to arm your merchant with the right tools to find the POS system that fits their power sports business needs.

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