For business-to-business companies, customer reviews are a must

June 19, 2014

Everyone knows that you need crowdsourced reviews if you're going to sell a product online.

Everyone knows that you need crowdsourced reviews if you’re going to sell a product via online credit card payment processing pages. Customers want to be able to verify that the product or service they’re purchasing is both legitimate and top-shape – even if that customer is a business.

Internet Retailer recently reported that Keith Haig, global digital marketing director at a business-to-business company, told an audience at a conference that his organization had been able to boost its sales massively by allowing for customer ratings and reviews on their product pages. 

“Reviews build trust with customers,” he told listeners, according to the news outlet. 

According to Haig, the company – a distributor of dental supplies, 3M Co. – was able to boost the conversion rates on its product pages five times over by allowing for customer reviews. This illustrates to companies in all industries, either business-to-business or business-to-consumer, that transparency can always help to breed success. When consumers see that other consumers rate your products highly, they won’t hesitate to continue on to an online credit card processing page to complete the transaction. 

There are other benefits for business-to-business companies moving online too. Another speaker at the event – Sean Cook, CEO of ShopVisible – spoke about how e-commerce allows for easy, automated servicing of smaller accounts, among other positives. With e-commerce, managers of these companies don’t have to fret about losing man hours to smaller accounts – as the process is being automated for companies large and small. 

“There is an opportunity to serve smaller accounts, increase automation and give your customers assistance with complex transactions,” Cook said, according to Internet Retailer. “Giving business customers more self-service options result in higher customer satisfaction. The opportunity is getting bigger. Up to 25 percent of business orders already are from the web, and that’s despite poor user experiences.”

Tips for business-to-business e-commerce
A recent survey offers some more tips to business-to-business organizations considering the move to the online sector. The poll, conducted by Oracle Corp, found that roughly 50 percent of individuals who buy from such companies consider custom and malleable online pricing structures to be an integral capability of any online business-to-business resale website. Roughly 45 percent of respondents marked off detailed search capabilities as being equally integral, and 43 percent noted that having their own manageable customer accounts was a top priority when looking online for distributors, according to the Internet Retailer summary of the report.

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