How Omni Channel Impacts Retailers In 2017

May 3, 2017

The opportunities for merchants to effectively sell their products on a number of different platforms simultaneously are proliferating rapidly.

How Omni Channel Impacts Retailers In 2017

The opportunities for merchants to effectively sell their products on a number of different platforms simultaneously are proliferating rapidly. With this in mind, there are many things those companies must consider when it comes to taking advantage of those opportunities, including their current needs, their customers’ preferences, and how best to take the next step.

Today, there is an increasing push toward online purchasing. While brick-and-mortar isn’t likely to ever go away, it’s important for merchants to seize on the chance e-commerce provides them for connecting with new customers, according to Big Commerce. Today, two-thirds of millennials and 56 percent of Gen-Xers say they prefer to shop online versus in-store, while only 41 percent of boomers and 28 percent of seniors felt the same way.

Turning online research into real-world sales is increasingly important.Turning online research into real-world sales is increasingly important.

A Developing Trend
As a growing number of millennials age into their 30s, buying homes and starting families, the importance of omni channel retail will likely continue to grow as well, the report said. Nearly half of parents say online shopping is vital to their ability to get everything done, and they tend to spend in excess of 60 percent more for online items than non-parents.

Right now, the average American spends nearly two-thirds of his or her budget on in-store purchases versus online, but that too is changing, the data showed. The split is 56-44 among millennials, and 61-39 for Gen X. Moreover, 31 percent of Americans now say they head online to do their searching and shopping first, and that number too will probably continue to grow as time goes on.

Winning Converts
The important aspect of omni channel in these situations is the ability of a merchant to turn online research into an in-store purchase, and in-store pickups into online sales. Fortunately many larger companies provide a good template for how to do so, according to Multi Channel Merchant. {break into 2 sentences} Having apps that allow shoppers to seamlessly scan in-store items to set up wish lists or learn more about them. Likewise, apps that incentivize use and allow for seamless transactions could likewise go a long way for merchants looking to take advantage of emerging shopping trends.

There are a number of best practices merchants can use to maximize the effectiveness of their omni channel efforts, according to Hit Search Limited. For instance, making sure all employees know how omni channel works, solicit feedback, and try to educate customers about it can help boost engagement. Efforts on the back end to make sure all customer data is being examined and leveraged on an ongoing basis will likewise help to ensure these efforts go off without a hitch.

In general, the more research merchants can do before making any decisions about their first steps with omni channel, the better off they will be when it comes to finding the system that works best for them.

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