How Your Merchants Can Make the Most of their Fine Dining POS System

July 15, 2019

Choosing a point-of-sale system that your merchants can integrate seamlessly into their establishment is a must

Operating a fine dining establishment can be a rewarding endeavour. It can also take a lot of work and long hours. The right point-of-sale system can make managing your merchants’ fine dining establishment easier and more efficient, while providing the platform to also make guests happier and increase their bottom line.

Faster Turnover

While your merchants never want to hurry guests through a dining experience at their establishment, they also do not want guests to be forced to wait for one of their amazing entrees. With a robust POS system designed for a fine dining establishment, wait staff are able to place customer orders quickly so that those orders can be prepared and brought out in a timely manner. Each phase, from ordering to preparation to delivery, is tracked by the point-of-sale system. At any given time, the status of the table can be viewed by all staff members so they can understand what is taking place during the guest’s dining experience. In a fine dining facility, the customer’s time is essential. The POS system makes certain that your merchants’ guests know they are valued.

Improved Communication

In operating a successful fine dining establishment, it is essential to ensure that the needs of the customer be communicated through all staff members. The POS system allows your merchants to do that. Consequently, they can ensure that their restaurant is able to provide customers with exactly what they desire. When customers receive precisely what they have asked for as a result of improved communication between wait and kitchen staff, customer service is taken to new heights.

Access to Vital Information

Accessing vital information is critical to efficiently operating a fine dining establishment. With your merchants’ POS system, changing dining room layouts in order to accommodate seating requests from guests becomes a breeze. When a table of guests needs to be attended, the POS system allows them to schedule alerts. They can even program precisely which entrée was ordered at each guest place at the table. This not only makes it easier on the wait staff bringing entrees out from the kitchen but also impresses guests and makes it easier to combine or split checks upon request.

What to Look for in a Fine Dining POS System

Choosing a point-of-sale system that your merchants can integrate seamlessly into their establishment is a must. Under no circumstances should the POS system for their restaurant seem clunky or interfere with the guest’s dining experience. A variety of factors must be considered in order to ensure a seamless operation.

Visuals Are Vital

The ability to quickly and easily identify menu items and make order modifications is essential. Furthermore, your merchants must be able to do so at the point-of-sale in order to ensure a quality guest experience and their restaurant’s profitability. A configurable screen will make it much easier for wait staff to quickly and accurately submit orders as well as accommodate guest requests. With the use of a graphical table layout, they are also able to better visualize the restaurant’s status and understand what is taking place at each table in terms of service.

Superior Customer Service

Along with excellent food, the success of a fine dining establishment thrives on superior customer service. The right POS will help your merchants provide just that. For instance, their point-of-sale system should allow them to schedule pricing discounts and create promotions. With the ability to set various alerts, they can ensure that a table is never unattended for a certain number of minutes. Guests never need to flag down wait staff but instead feel cared for each time they visit your merchant’s establishment. Want to ensure that VIPs and regulars receive the royal treatment? Tag tables using their POS.

Clear Communication

Among the most common reasons that orders are inaccurate or missed altogether is poor communication between the wait staff and the kitchen. Unfortunately, a breach in communication can cause guests to never return. Your merchants can significantly reduce the chance for such errors by ensuring that the POS system they choose allows for clear communication between the floor staff and the kitchen. Even when things get busy, staff can submit orders, clear orders, and modify orders with ease. A kitchen printer or display system for the kitchen allows kitchen staff to receive the information required to prepare orders precisely as requested by guests. Add or skip Hollandaise? No problem.

Staying On Top of Reporting

Along with ensuring a wonderful guest experience, your merchants must also stay focused on what is taking place behind the scenes when operating a profitable fine dining establishment. Whether it is tracking tips or evaluating promotions, the POS system your merchants select should give them the ability to run a variety of reports. With such capabilities, they can stay on top of inventory, make orders in a timely manner, and reduce waste.

When setting up your merchants’ fine dining point-of-sale system, it is important to make sure they have the necessary hardware and specifications that highlight faster turnover as well as access to vital customer information.

The ability to quickly and easily identify menu items, provide superior customer service, increase clear communication, and stay on top of reporting can increase their productivity and their bottom line.

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