In-store pickup practices continue to gain in popularity

February 26, 2014

More consumers than ever are purchasing products through mobile and online credit card payment processing terminals - but that doesn't mean they're having items delivered to them.


More consumers than ever are purchasing products through mobile and online credit card payment processing terminals – but that doesn’t mean they’re having items delivered to them. A number of retailers are now allowing consumers to place their orders online, then pick them up in-store. This can offer high levels of convenience to consumers, which breeds goodwill, which, in turn, breeds increased revenue.

Macy’s is one of many examples. Internet Retailer recently reported, citing quotes from chief financial officer Karen M. Hoguet, that all 675 Macy’s department store locations would begin to allow e-commerce customers to pick up the Macy’s products they order online at a brick-and-mortar location. Hoguet went on to note that this program is another step taken by Macy’s toward delivering products to consumers on the same-day they order them online – which, when possible, is expected to drive e-commerce sales even farther.

“One of the things that has us excited about the buy online, pickup in store test, and that’s going to help us really lay this foundation for same-day delivery, because we have the capability now of knowing exactly if that inventory that a customer is ordering is in a specific store,” Hoguet recently told analysts, according to the report. “And if that inventory is in a market, obviously it’s easier to get to the customer on the same day. We continue to find our stores to be important even for our online-only buyers, whether it would be to check out a color, try something on, browse to get ideas, or make a return.”

The report concluded by noting that Macy’s considers it a major priority to unify its in-store and online offerings, illustrating just how important an omnichannel approach is to success in contemporary retailing. The company is even shuttling some of its employees back-and-forth so that they obtain experience working for each channel, according to the news outlet. 

“We’re moving people around so that they get different experiences, whether it be store merchandizing or dot-com, and that’s helping also to enhance really this collaboration,” Hoguet said, according to Internet Retailer.

Many businesses are betting on same-day pickups to help stoke their sales. TechCrunch recently detailed the Walmart To Go program, which the retailer is currently testing in a select market. The program allows consumers to purchase groceries online, then pick up their prepared order at a store location. 

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