Innovative online marketing strategies drive consumers to point of sale

May 23, 2014

Many businesses on relying on internet-based marketing strategies to boost their sales.

Many businesses on relying on internet-based marketing strategies to boost their sales. Some are even developing new, innovative campaigns to do so – and if recent reports are any indication, those strategies are working quite well. 

For instance, an Internet Retailer report recently detailed how Wayfair, an online home furnishing company, has been able to boost its online sales by 265 percent across the past five years by rigorously testing every change the company makes to its e-commerce website. The company makes up to 15 changes per week, ranging from product descriptions to font sizes. It tests the effect had by each change: the ones that increase sales remain, and the ones that do not are redacted

“You never know what changes on a website will boost sales,” explained Jeff Hannan, senior manager of site testing and customer analytics at Wayfair, while speaking with the news outlet. “Letting the data drive our decisions helps us make better decisions.”

The program is working well for Wayfair?. According to the report, the company saw over $915 million in revenue come through its online credit card payment processing pages. 

“So much of testing is examining why something wins and something else loses,” Hannan told Internet Retailer. “The nature of site changes is that most tests have neutral or losing results. When we don’t have a winner that means we have to regroup and push forward.”

Another company experimenting with new modes of online marketing is Steve Madden. A separate Internet Retailer report detailed how that company has beginning pulling pictures of its products – taken and posted by consumers – from social media pages. It then uses those pictures on its own official website. President of Madden’s e-commerce Mark Friedman told the news outlet that he attributes a recent 9 percent increase in web sales to the practice. 

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