Keep On Providing: Don’t Stop After Your Initial POS Sale

January 14, 2019

Eighty-nine percent of companies see customer experience as a key factor in driving customer loyalty and retention.

You’ve completed set up. The merchant processed and is accepting payments. Now what? Don’t abandon ship. It is important to keep that sales momentum going and to maintain that relationship with the merchant. According to a study by, “Eighty-nine percent of companies see customer experience as a key factor in driving customer loyalty and retention.” Don’t stop after your initial POS sale. We tell you how you keep on providing.

Build and Maintain Relationships

Building and maintaining relationships is a key way to keep on providing after your initial POS sale. Creating an emotional connection with your merchants is key. Get to know them beyond their storefront or business. Communication is key in building that loyalty and trust. Reach out to your merchant on a regular basis. Pick up the phone and ask them how their day was or what is new in their lives.

Send follow-up emails and describe how you can continue to be of service if they need anything else. Let your network know how valuable they are to you and your business as well by sending personal thank you notes. Remember, feedback is a gift. The more you use it and work together to achieve a common goal, the more parties are successful.

Send Out Newsletters and Mailers

One way to maintain relationships and keep your merchants in the loop is through a monthly email newsletter. According to an article on, “Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, behind only colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders.” Whether it’s a monthly or quarterly newsletter, be consistent.

What content should I put in my newsletters and mailings? What is relevant at the time? At certain times of the year like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, etc., the importance of gift cards could be a valuable topic. Is there any industry news such as the card brand update on signature capture? Also, don’t be shy when it comes to promoting any new services or special offers/promotions you are offering. The point of these e-mail newsletters and mailers are to keep your merchants engaged and establishing yourself as their trusted advisor

Create a Referral Program

Maintaining key relationships and serving as a trusted advisor are all valuable parts of the equation to keep on providing after your initial POS sale. Everyone loves a financial incentive because money is a major motivator. By creating a referral program, you establish merchant “stickiness” and loyalty. According to the Huffington Post, “Companies see up to an 80 percent rate of closings when the sales call came from a strong customer referral and makes the company money.” The best form of marketing and advertising is word of mouth from your clients. Reward clients are make a successful referral to you.

Once you’ve completed your initial POS sale, that shouldn’t mean the end of the reseller merchant relationship. Build that bond, send out newsletters and mailers to foster engagement, become a trusted advisor, and create a referral program to give your clients an incentive to promote your brand and your product in with their own network. Keep the momentum going, keep on providing.


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