Mobile phones account for more online traffic than ever – so retailers are rushing to optimize their websites

May 4, 2014

A recent Internet Retailer report detailed just how important mobile traffic is to online retailers.

A recent Internet Retailer report detailed just how important mobile traffic is to online retailers. Currently, 18 percent of all online traffic comes from smartphones, and 22 percent comes from tablets, suggesting that any business that doesn’t offer mobile shopping optimization is missing out on a large portion of its potential consumer base.

Peter Roman, site manager at, told the news outlet that one of his company’s top priorities currently is to create a mobile website that can be used easily by consumers accustomed to desktop-based e-commerce.

“As we watched smartphone traffic increase dramatically, we wanted to deliver the best possible mobile experience,” Roman told Internet Retailer. “Smartphone behavior is different, and a dedicated mobile site allows us to serve our growing smartphone audience with an experience worthy of our brand. Just shrinking our e-commerce site down to fit was not an option.”

Facebook announces new program for personalizing mobile ads
The integration of mobile phones into the shopping process is a welcome development for many retailers. That’s because it will allow them to more easily integrate big data and personalized content into the way they engage with their consumers.

For instance, another recent Internet Retailer report covered the launch of Facebook’s Audience Network, a new program that aims to link consumers to personalized advertisements hosted by e-commerce retailers. The program would allow, for example, a cooking e-commerce website to include advertisements and links to its online credit card payment processing pages within the mobile applications viewed by a Facebook user who commonly looks at cooking-related pages. Facebook’s data about consumer preferences will be used to target specific advertisements toward the consumers who would be most interested by them.

“It’s been clear for a while now that the real value of social media to marketers won’t come from placing ads on social sites—it’ll come from using social data to improve the ads marketers place everywhere else,” Nate Elliott, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, told Internet Retailer. “Today, Facebook has finally started to build the database of affinity that has always been its birthright.”

Facebook’s new program illustrates the exact reason why retailers are so excited about mobile commerce: it will allow them to more easily customize and personalize the advertisements and pages consumers see online in relation to their brands, which will make it easier to create sales at online debit card and credit card payment processing pages.

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