Mobile shoppers are purchasing products everywhere

August 14, 2013

Online merchants have a vested interest in figuring out how mobile shoppers think.

Online merchants have a vested interest in figuring out how mobile shoppers think. There’s many different distinct reasons and ways that people shop on their smartphones: whether it’s through applications or through web browsers, whether they’re shopping online from their home or inside a retail location. For business owners looking to accentuate their mobile credit card processing abilities, a command of these trends is absolutely necessary. 

A recent report from the Nielsen firm aims to dispel any myths about mobile shopping, by illustrating the places and methods by which consumers make purchases through their phones. After all, the market continues to surge – another study from Nielsen, published last month, found that the rate of people using mobile phones to shop is increasing across every demographic. 

According to the firm’s latest results, consumers are spending time on their mobile phones even as they consume other media. Business owners and managers may want to think twice before they shell out the big dollars needed to purchase advertising space on television: they found that nearly half of smartphone owners use their devices as a “second screen” when watching television.

It also seems that mobile shopping is just as valid in the home, where PCs and laptops are likely present, as it is when consumers are on-the-go. The report stated that 72 percent of smartphone shoppers make their purchases from the comfort of their own home, as do 95 percent of tablet shoppers. 

For business owners, it’s necessary to adapt to these changes – and to the goodwill that can be fostered when customers are offered top-level e-commerce service. 

The study noted that approximately 20 percent of online shoppers make comments about their purchases via social media.

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