Mobile spending indexes skyrocket

August 6, 2013

Many recent reports have shown that consumers are more interested than ever before in making purchases via their tablets or smartphones.

Many recent reports have shown that consumers are more interested than ever before in making purchases via their tablets or smartphones. 

Merchant servicesare fulfilling their customers demands – and the mobile side of e-commerce is seeing astronomical sales increases as a result, according to figures reported in IMRG Capgemini’s e-Retail Sales Index. 

As retailers have offered customers more mobile shopping options, the shoppers have taken advantage, the study found. Thanks to online credit card processing, business owners are seeing shocking upturns in mobile business. The mobile commerce index from the firm, looking at sales figures for June 2013, saw an increase of more than 130 percent when compared to the same time frame in 2012.

“The m-commerce index remains strong as consumer confidence in purchasing goods and services via smartphones and tablets continue to grow,” said Chris Webster, the vice president of IMRG Capgemini. “The findings provide further evidence of the value mobile technologies have brought to the retail sector as consumers continue to shop via this channel.”

The increase in mobile shopping was spread out across many industries, with even surprising industries – like apparel sales – experiencing growth. Mobile sales of clothing went upward by 29 percent over the course of the year, according to the study, while home and garden products saw upticks over 30 percent.

At individual retailers, mobile payment options gain in popularity
Some retailers are benefiting from the increase more than others, as businesses who have already optimized and publicized their mobile credit card processing options are finding it easy to claim a share of the smartphone customer base. A report from Starbucks stated that 10 percent of the companies transactions now originate on mobile devices, showing that even coffee shops can take advantage of changing customer attitudes. 

“Our internal measures tell us that these various digital initiatives have added demonstrable impact to our U.S. business in the third quarter, with the promise of even greater growth in the months and years to come,” Adam Brotman, the chief digital officer of Starbucks, told to shareholders during a conference call. 

His company found that customers appreciate the convenience of mobile payments: all it takes is a split-second swipe of their phone, and the payment is levied. Starbucks also offered rewards for those customers who make their payments via phone, helping to create a sustained interest in the program. 

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