Online healthcare payments registers as large success

September 23, 2013

As more individuals outfit themselves with smartphones and spend more time online, it's important that businesses and service providers respond in kind.

As more individuals outfit themselves with smartphones and spend more time online, it’s important that businesses and service providers respond in kind. A recent attempt by medical professionals to migrate bill payments online has led to great success – for both the companies involved and the customers affected. 

Last month, United Healthcare announced that they were instituting online credit card processing services to their customers, making them the first national insurance carrier to enable consumers to pay their bills through a virtual credit card terminal

The online payment option is now available to more than 21 million participants, according to a report from BenefitsPro, and has accounted for more than $3 million in processed payments for the healthcare provider.

Tory Bogatyrenko, vice president of product and innovation for United Healthcare, explained in the article that the feedback received from consumers regarding the online payment options has been overwhelmingly positive.

Only two-thirds of physician practices currently accept credit card payments, according to the news source, and the ability to accept payments online has generally been limited to larger hospitals. The response to United Healthcare’s innovations suggests that those in the medical industry should aim to make more dramatic strides toward offering new modes of payment processing. 

Online payments make it easier for the consumer
Chris Seib, the CTO of InstaMed, told BenefitsPro that the new offering is going over so well with customers because allowing online payments helps to simplify the bill-paying process. He claims that offering such capabilities proves that his company is focused on offering products and capabilities that are designed to help the consumer above all else.

“We’re getting really, really positive consumer feedback on this,” Seib told the news source. “The easier it is for the consumer to pay, the more likely it is they will. It’s naturally much faster [than traditional billing methods].”

Offering wide-ranging payment processing options allows consumers a more efficient means of managing their expenditures. Services that offer such capabilities may give themselves an advantage over their competitors as customers quickly migrate much of their finances to the digital realm. 

“This tool helps consumers take greater ownership of their health care decisions and treatments, offering a simple and clear way for people to manage all their health-related finances,” said Yasmine Winkler, chief marketing and product officer at United Healthcare. “By enabling consumers to more easily monitor, manage and understand their health care expenses, people can take charge of their health and make more informed decisions regarding their care.”

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