Qube introduces new tablet processing technology

February 26, 2013

Qube Processing recently introduced an Android tablet to take payments easily and innovatively.

Smartphones are not the only option anymore for merchants who wish to offer their customers mobile credit card processing options. Qube Processing recently introduced an Android tablet to take payments easily and innovatively. 

Qube recommended Android’s Revolution tablet especially for smaller businesses and vending contexts, such as craft fairs and home offices, but also said that the machine boasts strong secure mobile credit card processing technologies and integrated advertising tools. The device allows users to generate customized receipts that may help them promote their business.

“I’ve been in this industry for a long time and have never felt more confident with the products and services than I do with what Qube Processing is able to offer merchants,” said Bobby Lousier, vice president of sales for Qube Processing. “With the technology we’re able to provide, I can’t see how any merchant wouldn’t find tremendous benefit from joining our program.”

Qube also recently announced a new PCI-certified credit card terminal, the Qube Pro, that features a number of useful capabilities like QuickBooks Pro, thousands of price look-ups and a logo generator.

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