Seamless links between mobile commerce and in-store offerings are top priority this year

May 5, 2014

According to one recent report, online credit card payment processing pages and in-store point of sale terminals are about to meet up.

According to one recent report, online credit card payment processing pages and in-store point of sale terminals are about to meet up. In 2014, most retailers are focused on creating a “seamless shopping experience” – one that allows consumers to inform themselves and purchase products conveniently by using their smartphones or tablets even when at a brick-and-mortar store location.

Almost 40 percent of all retailers plan to invest more than $100,000 into integrating their mobile application or website into their shopping experience, according to Internet Retailer and the survey. That’s up significantly from the 32 percent who reported having similar plans or making similar investments in 2013.

Lauren Freedman, president of the group, told the news outlet that customers now fully expect mobile integration during an in-store shopping experience. She suggested that most of the retail investments in these “seamless experiences” are likely focused around offering personalized mobile content and extending the choices a consumer has in regards to transacting payment. She also noted that in order to survive in the current landscape, retailers will absolutely need to come up with some plan for approaching mobile integration into the shopping experience.

“Mobile has materialized as a revenue-producing force and customer expectations have peaked, once again altering retailer investment strategies,” Freedman told the news outlet. “Choice and prioritization are paramount in the context of this chaotic environment for survival and growth.”

EBay reports strong first quarter, thanks to influx of mobile shoppers
If you’re looking for proof in regards to how valuable mobile shoppers and applications are, just look to eBay. Internet Retailer, in a separate report, recently noted that the company’s sales were up by more than 10 percent year-over-year during the first quarter of 2014 – primarily thanks to the 6.5 million new mobile shopping accounts that were set up by consumers during that timeframe.

EBay CEO John Donahue told the news outlet that he feels mobile technology is going to continue to provide major consumer benefits in many different sectors. He singled out restaurants as one industry sure to be changed by the intersection of mobile devices and point of sale terminals. 

“The first places where you’re seeing mobile technology used in the physical world are around the sharing economy, where it’s providing a real consumer benefit, and around restaurant and other areas that have lines,” he told the news outlet. 

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