SixFree Social Media Selling Strategies for Resellers

December 6, 2018

Sharing your personal story, engaging your audience, and making the most of social media is easy and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

You’ve started your business, customers love the product, but there is always the need to want more. Sharing your personal story, relating and engaging your audience, and making the most of social media is easy and most importantly it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are six free social media selling strategies for resellers.

Don’t Be Scared

Social media can be scary especially for those that did not grow up in a digital age. Remember the time before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn? That is okay. Social media is your friend and an easy to use tool that will help you and your business to educate and engage your audience. Simply start by creating a profile for customers to go such as a Facebook Group, Twitter or Instagram business page. Instagram also allows you to post directly from there to Facebook.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Channel

The industry is rapidly growing and it seems like a new social media channel is popping up as often as you receive a new friend request or follower. So which is the best fit for you? Knowing who your audience is is key, but so is the ability to post content across multiple platforms. The best networks for resellers are LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn allows resellers to connect with other professionals and business minded individuals building their own or similar brands. On Facebook, resellers have a niche that allow you to prevail in the marketplace, and with advanced rules, the ability to utilize video to promote business and share your story.

Invite Family, Friends, Tell Them to Share with Their Network

Building your audience is key to a successful social media plan. Start with the individuals you know and spread the word that way. Those friends, family members, and colleagues then tell ten of their friends and so forth and the network grows exponentially.  For resellers, this network becomes an advocate of what you do, which boosts visibility on social media sites like Facebook.

Establishing Relationships

Sharing your story, appealing to emotion, are what separate your business from every other. What is your story? What is your brand and how can you relate to your audience? People want to do business with like-minded individuals that they can trust. The better relationship you have and can get your customers to buy into and feel part of the process, they will give back to you, According to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer, 52% of those surveyed would trust a person over a brand.

If it’s buy, buy, buy all the time your audience will go bye, bye, bye.

Create Daily Content, Mix It Up with Multimedia

Do not bog down your social media channels with simple text, all photos, or videos. The old adage of “show not tell” is a great example of this. Mix it up with multimedia and sprinkle in a little of all three. A short video about your business one day, a client testimonial another, photos of your product or services, or a review, avoids the clutter of boring, mundane content. The second part of adding your content to social media is to be consistent. The more frequently you post, the more your audience is likely to come back, and keep wanting more. Keeping the audience engaged means more business and eyeballs on your product, and in the end more dollars in your wallet. We know you are busy and time is valuable. Free programs like Hootsuite enable you to schedule content in advance across multiple platforms. Their mobile app is a great tool for resellers to connect with their networks and share relevant content faster with the touch of a button.

Tag: You Are It

Effective social media utilizes best practices such as tagging and using keywords to maximize search engine optimization. Once you’ve established your core audience, it is imperative to reach out and maintain new business. By tagging   individuals, groups, and businesses, you are speaking to them directly which creates dialogue and engagement. The number one metric for resellers is engagement. If they engage with your post, they follow you. Engagement comes with the content you post and how you post it. The goal is to network, create conversation, buzz, and build long term relationships.

Whether it is with social media, through content such as video or blog posts, building your brand is key. Be marketable, build those pages, build those followers, and get your audience to relate and buy into what you are doing. Sharing your story is a valuable part of a successful business and social media is the perfect platform to do just that.


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