The Benefits of Mobile Payments for Salons and Spas

November 8, 2017

A mobile credit card reader can make things easier for salons, spas, and stylists alike, expanding your payment options and bettering the relationship with your clients.

While you may be the queen of hair stylists, a talented spa experience provider, or a highlighting expert, one thing they do not always teach you in beauty school is how to successfully run your own business. Being on the job as a beauty professional consists of making clients happy, meeting your financial end goals, and finding the time to run your practice in between, all adding up to a nerve-wracking experience. Not to mention, the hair-care profession and spas consist of a variety of different working arrangements. Some stylists are employed specifically by a salon or spa while some rent out a chair and work independently. There are hairstylists that work freelance from their living rooms or travel to their clients’ homes.

Regardless of your operational base, it is crucial to have an efficient means of taking payments. A mobile credit card reader can make things easier for salons, spas, and stylists alike, expanding your payment options and bettering the relationship with your clients. Accepting EMV chip cards and mobile wallet payments come with a number of benefits for salons and spas. Putting increased customer satisfaction and sales aside, mobile payment solutions add sales tax automatically and also calculate tip amounts during a sale. The technology can email receipts to clients, create and offer specials and discounts, and also include efficient sales reporting, all while boasting the latest industry security standards certifications.

Providing chairside service with an assortment of features to better your business is exactly what you need to take your spa or salon to the next level. Here are three benefits of mobile payment solutions:

1. Add Tip Amounts During Sales and Sales Tax Automatically

Most mobile credit card processors provide easy to understand and straightforward steps on the actual device’s screen that require very minimal effort for the customer who is paying. They automatically calculate sales tax and tips for each sale, which relieves the customer of having to figure that out in the middle of a transaction. This helps you keep accurate sales accounting while at the same time, providing customers with simple and quick checkouts. More often than not, salon and spa visits take a while between hair appointments and spa treatments, speeding along the checkout process helps get customers out the door after they have received their services. Whether you own a salon and spa or you provide at-home hair services, having payments that automatically add in sales tax and allow for tip calculation save you and your clients the headache.

2. Create and Offer Specials and Discounts

With the help of mobile payment technology, your salon can provide digital coupons, loyalty cards, and discounts to customers through the payment system, making the customer experience more convenient and rewarding. This technology allows you to market your business directly into your clients’ hands and send them incentives that they more than likely will view. With payment technology directly in their hands, clients are able to access coupons and loyalty cards immediately, the fastest way for you to expand your relationships with them. Not only will they help create a quicker return on your investment, they will also enhance customer loyalty. The end goal is to have a client want to come to your spa or salon every single time they need a haircut, coloring, spa day, and everything in between.

3. Send Receipts Directly to Email

With more and more consumers utilizing their smartphones for every facet of their lives, emailed receipts are becoming the more popular option across all industries. This saves your business paper costs and provides a quick way to get an itemized receipt purchases over to your clients. Waiting for a receipt often takes time, depending on the payment processor. Emailing cuts down on those wait times and paints your business as a picture of efficiency. Customers can sit in their salon chair and with a few commands, have their purchase done and receipt sent straight to their email.

Beauty professionals from spas and salons are nothing short of small-business heroes, doing the day-to-day work necessary for running a business, all while giving customers the services and goods to make them feel more beautiful and happy with themselves. Mobile payment technology grants even more superpowers, giving you the ability to accept more payments and provide a more luxurious payment experience to your customers.

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