Why Merchants Should Work With a Point of Sale Reseller

October 4, 2017

Partnering with a POS reseller can be the first step to getting the most out of your POS system investment.

As a merchant, you are an expert at profitably managing your business and providing great customer experience. Something you probably aren’t an expert in, however, is point of sale (POS) technology. That’s an important reason you need to partner with a POS reseller for upgrades to your POS system.

Using the right POS system can make a significant impact on your business. POS systems have evolved beyond only handling payment transactions. They can manage your loyalty and rewards programs, help you control inventory and labor costs, and manage your customer database. Partnering with a POS reseller can be the first step to getting the most out of your POS system investment.

What POS Resellers Know

It’s important to understand that POS resellers, software resellers or independent software vendors (ISVs) know a lot more than just how to install a POS system. They spend a great deal of time working with other merchants like you and have a wealth of knowledge about your industry and how technology can support it. They are in essence, payment processing experts. You can even find POS resellers, software resellers or ISVs to partner with who work specifically with merchants in your market or industry.

Through their partnerships with manufacturers, distributors, and industry and trade associations, they are up to date on trends and forecasts, which can help you measure yourself against your competition and help you plan for the future. POS resellers also understand your pain points and challenges — they’ve probably seen other merchants experience them — and they know how technology can help solve those problems.

They can also help you save money. That might seem counter-intuitive, but they can provide you with a higher level view than just focusing on a sticker price. They understand what it takes to get the performance you need from your POS system, shedding light on the total cost of ownership, which can help you see that a low-cost system may not be such a bargain over the long term.

In addition, a local reseller can provide POS installation, training, and onsite maintenance and support as needed. POS resellers may also help you get the most out of the technology investments you have already made by keeping them maintained, up-to-date, and possibly even repurposing them to extend life. 

How POS Resellers Work with You

Working with a POS reseller is a partnership. Share details about your business goals and challenges so your POS reseller, software vendor or ISV can design solutions that address your needs, as well as work at peak performance and keep data secure. As a trusted business adviser, your POS reseller can also help you plan to maintain your IT infrastructure, setting a course for technology refreshes and upgrades that will help you stay productive — as well as stay within your budget. This can help you develop a holistic view of IT throughout your operation that can help departments share information and give you the insights you need to operate more efficiently and profitably.

POS resellers are well-versed with the ins and outs of POS implementation strategies. They make it a priority to keep up with industry trends, educate themselves on the newest technologies, and can offer up-to-the-minute learning in order to benefit your business. With hundreds of installations under their belts, seasoned resellers know what works and what does not. They help you look for long-term success, not just sell you products you do not need.

In a continuously expanding payments landscape, there is a lot of pressure on merchants to correctly equip their business. For those that are seeking a simplified solution to their payment needs, the right value-added reseller (VAR) could remove a lot of the headache and stress from the payment process. The best reason for choosing to work with a reseller is that there is a single point of contact for every question or issue that may arise. The convenience of being able to phone one person with a problem is unmatched, especially since so many support desks are usually sources thousands of miles away. Offering support, training, and peace of mind all in one place can save business owners time, energy, and money.

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