Sterling Payment Technologies Announces ExpressLane PLUS

June 1, 2010

Sterling Payment Technologies announces a breakout enhancement to its ExpressLane Integrated ECR –the addition of BRIDGE technnology - online delivery of detailed back-office reporting and management tools.

Sterling Payment Technologies Announces ExpressLane PLUS
Merchants can accept cash and credit, debit, gift and rewards cards through one fast processing system.

In these tough economic times, merchants are searching for cost-effective solutions to help them build their business. Now, Sterling Payment Technologies announces a breakout enhancement to its ExpressLane  Integrated Electronic Cash Register (ECR) – the addition of BRIDGE technology – online delivery of detailed reporting and management tools.

ExpressLane PLUS with BRIDGE technology transforms an affordable integrated ECR into a powerhouse that eliminates the need for a standalone credit card terminal. Merchants can accept cash and credit, debit, gift and rewards cards through one fast processing system.

What sets ExpressLane PLUS apart from other ECRs is Sterling’s proprietary technology, which gives merchants access to back-office reporting and management tools through any Internet-connected PC. ExpressLane’s flexible user interface lets merchants search, view and print reports quickly, securely and easily.

The web-based reports and communication tools built into the ExpressLane PLUS electronic cash register include:

PLU Update – Allows merchants to add, delete or update PLU information on the ECR securely via the Internet at any time, from any location.

Financial Report – A breakdown of sales across all tender types – cash, check, credit, debit and gift cards. Export to a spreadsheet or bookkeeping software.

PLU Report – Provides merchants with a snapshot of what products sold for the day and what products did not. Merchants can print this information on a daily basis, or they have the ability to search historical data by selecting a unique date range to create reports from virtually any combination of days. PLU reports allow merchants to monitor trends and through PLU Update, adjust product descriptions and pricing accordingly.

Time Report – A round-the-clock view of the day’s sales. This report allows merchants to analyze when sales are high or low.

Clerk Report – A report that details employee sales across all tender types. Track which employee sells the most and set date ranges to determine why.

Daily Report – This report provides a view of daily sales activity over a specific time span, allowing a merchant to adjust days of operation to those with higher sales.

Each ExpressLane PLUS merchant receives on-site installation, training and support. That means no struggling with manuals and no guesswork in trying to customize the system. With ExpressLane PLUS, all the support a business owner needs is built right into the package.

ExpressLane PLUS is the perfect solution for quick-serve restaurant merchants, including cafés, delis, pizzerias, coffee shops and take-out locations. A number of convenient payment plans are available through Sterling.

ExpressLane PLUS also supports a variety of peripheral devices, including PIN pad, scanner, pole display, coin dispenser, interface scales and kitchen printer.

Sterling offers more details, merchant testimonials and a fast-paced product video at or on You Tube at

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