Sterling Payment Technologies Marks 10th Anniversary

January 10, 2011

Founded in 2001, Sterling Payment Technologies, a national provider of payment technology to merchants large and small, is celebrating its tenth anniversary at its headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

Sterling Payment Technologies Marks 10th Anniversary
The emphasis on technology was unique in the industry when Sterling was started back in 2001.

Sterling Payment Technologies,, a national provider of payment technology and services, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this week at its headquarters in Tampa, Florida.
Sterling’s President and CEO, Paul Hunter, says over the past ten years the company has never deviated from its core mission. “Our mission is to bring advances in payment technology to small and regional-sized merchants,” said Paul Hunter, President of Sterling. “We believe in making technology a leading reason for sales partners to use our company and merchants to process with Sterling.
That emphasis on technology was unique in the industry when Sterling was started back in 2001.Prior to processing the first merchant, an entire merchant accounting system was developed. All of the points of contact, the customer service representatives, as well as what the merchant saw on the statement or on the web, were developed primarily by Sterling.
Amidst the economic turbulence of the past several years, many technology vendors have disappeared or been acquired by larger corporations. Sterling, however, has remained independent, keeping its focus on technology and developing new proprietary products and services, including gift card, loyalty and rewards programs, and a robust online member portal with up-to-the-minute reports and business tools. Hunter believes great service and differentiation are the keys to Sterling’s ongoing success.
“The transaction relationship that is based on technology is providing a solution, and the merchant is far less likely to switch or move to the competition,” he said. Sterling claims that attrition is reduced by 75 percent when technology is the leading reason why merchants choose processors.
One Sterling product designed to reduce merchant attrition through technology is ExpressLane PLUS, an integrated electronic cash register Sterling developed with the nation’s largest cash register distributor. The affordably priced cash register is turned into a powerful payment solution with the addition of Sterling ‘s reporting and communication features not available in similar cash registers purchased from off the shelf retailers.
Sterling’s merchants also benefit from continuous monitoring of the company’s proprietary risk management systems that provide significant protection for Sterling’s merchants. Sterling also has a proprietary Back End Settlement System that enables Sterling to qualify transactions at the best possible rate and provide unparalleled merchant support.


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