Succeeding in sales is about building relationships and gaining trust

November 8, 2011

Sterling Dealer Sales Account Executive, Jennifer McMullan believes gaining the trust of her Dealer partners leads to a successful relationship for Sterling.

Succeeding in sales is about building relationships and gaining trust

Initially, Jennifer (Jenn) McMullan, a Sales Account Executive with Dealer Solutions, wasn’t sure if Sterling would be a good fit for her.  She’d always worked outside sales for a number of large businesses, including Yellow Book, T-Mobile and her own consulting firm, so she didn’t know if a desk job would suit her.

Still, even though she had two other offers, one of her friends convinced her to try Sterling.

That was this past July and in just three short months, Jennifer has become an integral part of the Sterling family. “I love this job – it’s all about building relationships and gaining trust,” says Jenn. “That’s good for our Dealer partners and definitely good for Sterling.”

Jenn believes in providing exceptional, personal service to each of her merchants. She’s proud of her relationship with Paul Fehling, owner of America’s Favorite Foods. Paul is Sterling’s first fully mobile merchant with ExpressLane Advantage. He was so impressed by the support he received that he came to Sterling for a visit.

 “My team is so helpful and supportive, and all the other departments … thank goodness they’re all so patient,” said Jenn.  I came here with no knowledge of the industry and have learned so much because the entire Sterling Payment Technologies family is willing to answer questions and take time to teach me.”

Eric Suhoza, her Team Lead in Dealer Solutions, said, “Jenn has managed to bring in business from dealers we’ve had on the books for several years with no activity. She is very skilled in building those relationships. She takes the time to get to know the dealer, who they are, what their goals are personally and professionally.”

Executive Director of Sales Dick Williams also sings Jenn’s praises,  “Jenn has really embraced our new products and services, and has actively developed ways to bring them to her dealers. She recently coordinated several Sterling Bridge webinars with Ed Davis that have resulted in sales and more merchant referrals.”

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