Turning a totaled Lexus into sales for Sterling

November 2, 2011

Sterling Sales Account Executive turns a disaster into an outstanding opportunity with a great sales attitude.

Turning a totaled Lexus into sales for Sterling

Brent Stockwell, a Director of Sales for Sterling based in Edmund, Oklahoma, was on his way to close a new bank partner when a Mack Truck doing 65 mph slammed into his car. The impact was so strong that the truck flipped on its side and slid several hundred feet down the highway. Brent’s Lexus was destroyed, but neither he nor the truck driver was hurt.

Never one to let a sales opportunity go by, Brent asked the wrecker driver towing his car who processed his company’s credit cards. Then, when the paramedics at the accident site insisted Brent go to the emergency room to get checked out, he pitched the ER doctor on processing with Sterling.

Two days later, Brent closed a deal with the wrecker company, and he has an appointment to meet with the doctor’s office manager this week.

“In every adversity, there are the seeds of opportunity,” Brent said. “Regardless of what happens to us, deals are all around us. We only need to be ready.”

Don’t be surprised if more deals come of the accident on Interstate 40. “I had 500 business cards in my trunk that are now blowing all over Blaine County,” Brent said.

•  A new Lexus to replace this one: $75,000?

•  Printing 500 new business cards: $35.00?

•  Closing a deal with the tow-truck company: Priceless

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