More Businesses Willing to Participate in Mobile Payments Revolution

One of the big criticisms of the expected widespread adoption of mobile payments nationwide has, to this point, been that consumers haven't been incentivized to get onboard.

  • More Businesses Willing to Participate in Mobile Payments Revolution

    One of the big criticisms of the expected widespread adoption of mobile payments nationwide has, to this point, been that consumers haven't been incentivized to get onboard.
  • Improving Customer Engagement with Loyalty Programs

    Merchants of all sizes are always on the lookout for ways they can better engage with their customers, forging relationships that can last years or more and ensure plenty of repeat business.
  • Boost Your Restaurant’s Revenue with Outdoor Seating

    Adding outdoor seating to a restaurant can increase revenue in two ways: First, it produces additional seats, allowing the restaurant to serve more customers at once, but it also draws in a completely new type of customer – the type that prefers to enjoy their meals outdoors.
  • Grow Your Dental Practice by Offering Comfort and Convenience

    Dentists hoping to grow their dental practice are faced with a difficult task: make a sometimes uncomfortable experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Finding ways to provide outstanding service to patients in a comfortable, convenient manner is the key to making your dental practice a success.
  • Three Must-Haves for Promoting Your Catering Business

    Caterering is an immensly competitive field; if you own a catering business, you must compete with not only other caterers, but also restaurants and bars that provide event services.
  • Bring your Salon to the Next Level with a Modern Phone System

    Excellent communication between salon owners, employees, and clients is critical to a successful salon. One of the best tools to create seamless communication is a well-equipped phone system, which can help you provide clients with stellar service without being tied to your reception desk.
  • Four Smart Investments for Beauty Salons

    If you are trying to grow your business, consider these four smart investments for beauty salons. Making small changes to your guest service approach and your space can have a great impact on your success!
  • Increase Your Food Truck’s Business with Mobile Credit Card Processing

    As the owner/operator of a food truck, you already know that you face stiff competition and, often times, margins that are uncomfortably thin. That's why it's best to make your food as easy to obtain as it is delicious. Accepting credit cards is a great start.
  • Grow Your Business with a Marketing Plan

    Marketing is an extremely important, but sometimes overlooked, part of growing a small business. You can have the best business model in the world, but making sure that your target market understands the value that you provide is the best way to succeed.
  • Add Awesome Liquor Store Signage to Help Grow Your Business

    Professional liquor store signage is one of the best ways to boost your presence in your community and let people know that your store exists. In turn, you will see increased traffic, and eventually more customers.
  • Your Small Business Accounting: Four Reasons to Move it to the Cloud

    If you're a small business owner, you know the importance of accurate accounting; however, you may not know that moving to a cloud-based accounting solution can streamline your business operations. Here are four reasons you may want to consider cloud-based accounting software.
  • Does Your Shop Have the Auto Repair Tools to Service the Latest Vehicles?

    Automobile technology is evolving quickly, and auto-repair shops must adapt to continue to delight their customers. Does your business have the auto repair tools necessary to service contemporary, state-of-the-art vehicles?
  • Three of the Best Investments for Restaurants

    It's possible that you need to make some small-but-strategic investments to jump-start sales. Luckily, large infusions of cash are rarely needed to fill up those seats, but smart, targeted investments may be just what you need to give your restaurant a boost.
  • To Do in 2014: Boost Sales by Going Mobile

    A lot of small businesses are behind the curve when it comes to mobile, and it’s not surprising. Business owners have questions about what it means to be mobile, how to become mobile, and the time and financial investments required. But, the truth is that becoming mobile isn’t as complicated as it sounds.
  • Automotive Industry Trends: What Repair Shop Owners Should Know

    Changes in lending tactics and inventory surpluses have made it easier for consumers to once again purchase new vehicles and they are gravitating toward very specific types. Now, auto repair shops should align themselves with consumer buying habits to ensure that new car owners will become their customers in the upcoming years.
  • Opening a New Location for your Business? Three Things You Should Look For

    Having a business that is profitable enough to justify opening a new location is exciting, and taking time to research the perfect site will help ensure that the second site is as successful as your first. Here's what you should look for when opening a new location for your business.
  • Catering Trends of 2014 and a Year of Industry Growth

    Customers want their events to be memorable and unique, and they expect their caterers to help them realize this objective. There are some popular developments emerging in catering, and as a food service specialist you’ll want to stay current with these exciting new catering trends.
  • Is Your Merchant Cash Advance Offer Too Good to Be True?

    With the growing infusion of investor capital into the small business financing market, business owners are exposed to countless funding companies offering merchant cash advances. And while the funding options these companies offer may appear similar at first glance, they are not all created equally.
  • Stocking a Liquor Store Requires Thoughtful Planning and Fast Funding

    The most successful liquor store owners keep their fingers on the pulse of entertaining and dining trends in their area as well as changes in beverage tastes nationwide. They plan strategically for annual events while also being able to move quickly when an unexpected purchase opportunity to is presented.
  • Five Things You Didn’t Know About a Cash Advance

    Some believe that a merchant cash advance is just another type of loan - but it's not a loan at all. It's actually a much more flexible funding option for businesses of all sizes.
  • Plan Projects for Small Business Growth after Year One

    Focus shifts from survival to growth after year one. Here’s how to plan projects for small business growth in your second year in business.
  • Seven Last-Minute Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

    Doing your business’s taxes this year? Here are seven tax deductions that small business owners should claim.
  • Three Ways Advance Business Funds Can Rejuvenate Your Business

    Does your business need a boost? Here are some ways a business cash advance can help.
  • Why the Dream of Opening Your Own Business is Worth Fighting For

    There are inevitable struggles associated with opening your own business. Here are some of the reasons why the dream of entrepreneurship is worth fighting for.